Written by: brandy uptain

Tonight the black cats and witches run amuck,
Tonight is the night I once again become moonstruck.
When will you come to me out of the mist,
You must come soon, I insist.
When the midnight hour draws near,
Everything will become clear.
Where are you now,
Can you hear me call to you without uttering a sound?
I hear only the quickness of my heart's beat,
Smell only the sweetness in the air I breathe.
I can sense you near,
Yet I feel no fear.
I know that tonight I shall give all of my being to you,
Yet ever since I've met you that is all I've wanted to do.
I want to give you my soul,
But that you have already stole.
Come to your bride,
Draw me to your side.
Sink your teeth into my nape,
And seal our fate.
Before the morn,
Anew vampire shall be born.
Take me as your bride forevermore,
And we shall be apart nevermore.