Written by: HEATHER ROE

Spring is here and the cold chills are leaving 
Melting the snow for this will be pleasing.
It will get warm and no longer be freezing
But it’s also the time for allergy sneezing
And that will leave some of us wheezing.

Summer months come and the children are out.
No longer at school they’ll frolic about.
It gets so hot it could cause a drought.
This will cause the farmers to pout
Because if it does we’ll all go without.

As I look out my window I see the trees are dying down 
With the leaves of red, orange, yellow and brown!
The leaves have fallen to cover the ground
And the wind is now getting to be profound.
Squirrels are hiding nuts they have found.

When fall comes to an end I dredge up a tear
It’s like a button is pushed and winter is here.
The snow falls down and it’s too cold to bear
And the ice covered roads bring us to fear.
The best part of all is the Happy New year.