The Love Of God Last Forever And Stands The Test Of Time

Written by: Funom Makama

Man promises heaven and earth even with intense emotions, yet he's fake and when his manifestation is done the effect suddenly hits hard like an earthquake after a while, I stand up from my fall to trust again but with the mysterious human mind so Opaque I'm being picked and thrown back to the same spot like a rake completely drowned and stagnant in an iced-lake. Then finally, I found someone who has already paid the price for my sake so unbelievable is the experience with him that it seemed i'm just awake. Despite being on a verge to break He made me worthy of a re-make. Surely, His love knows no fault or mistake. The scattered ingredients, he is ready to take expertly mixing them, prepared to bake Loh and behold! The final piece: an eye catching Cake He has crafted me into for heads to shake Such love can never wax cold lasting forever and standing the test of time because I know and I am sure; me, He will never forsake.