Our Love Will Carry Us Through

Written by: Skyler Dawn

Hello my Love
You've fallen asleep,
And I hope while you’re drifting, 
That you dream of me. 

I hope you dream of us, 
And what we could be, 
Dream of our little house, 
By the beautiful sea, 

And Darling I know you’re scared, 
And I know I am too, 
But Sweet heart our love, 
Will carry us through.  

And I want you to know, 
I know how you feel, 
I know how you think, 
And our love is real.  

My love we are strong, 
We can do anything, 
Please don't try by yourself, 
To hold everything.  

When days grow colder, 
Know that I’ll be here, 
Here to keep you warm, 
There’s no need to fear.  

And when things get harder, 
We always have eachother, 
Forever we’ll be here, 
To help one another.  

So don’t ever give up, 
Because darling I believe in you, 
I believe in us and that… 
Our love with carry us through.