Written by: brandy uptain

When the moonbeams strike a pose,
Will you be here to whisper to me softly in prose?
When the rose sings,
Will you be here to give my heart wings?
When the moon begins to smile,
Will you walk with me on the shores of the Nile?
When Ireland rises again,
Will you once more wrap me in sin?
When the sun begins to cry,
Will you be here to make my heart fly?
When the lillies begin to blush,
Will you still be able to turn my heart to mush?
When the corn turns blue,
Will I still be with you?
When the wolves lead the world,
Will I still be your girl?
When the cobra is no longer to be feared,
Will you still be here my dear?
When the souls have been robbed,
Will you still be my heart throb?
When the stars say goodnight,
Will you still be here to hold me tight?
When the earth stops to reel,
Will you love me still?