Is It

Written by: brandy uptain

Eyes that see everything,
From which I can hide nothing...
Tell me what you see,
When you look down upon me?
Is it weakness,
Is it meekness?
Is it strength and boldness,
Or is it soullessness?
Is it selfishness,
Or forebearingness?
Is it brain and bliss,
Is it the innocence of a first kiss?
Is it the beauty of a sunset,
Is it passion no one could ever forget?
Is it the calmness of a babe,
Is it the fury of a tidal wave?
Is it spinelessness,
Or is it spitefulness?
Is it utter quiet,
I am what you made me and I cannot deny it.
I try to be and praise you everyday,
And in every single way.
I am who you made me to be,
And in the end I hope you are happy with me.