A Living Hell

Written by: Eileen Manassian

A monster lives inside my head;
He terrorizes me in bed.
He's there when I open my eyes,
So he can darken up the skies.

He pours in me his sick potion
That makes suicide an option.
He hisses, "Nothing seems just right
Come, dear, and end this morbid night."

My whole life hangs from a frayed thread;
It’s just safer to stay in bed.
Depression has me in his spell;
I believe in a living hell.

Like a good girl, I pop the pill,
But my monster I cannot kill.
Now and then he does reappear;
His reflection seen in each tear.

Please remember that I'm not free;
There is a demon inside of me.
Try to understand and be kind…
I have a monster in my mind!