I Can Do Breezy

Written by: Eileen Manassian

I can do breezy
I can do cool
I can do funny
I can play the fool

I can crack jokes
I can laugh along
I can be shallow
I can act strong

But in all the merriment
As we laugh and say... “I’m fine”
Do YOU ever stop to think
It’s a jolly waste of time?

Sure, there is the bright side
But then there is the pain
Sure, there is the sunshine
But then there is the rain

If you just want sunny
Can’t stand a little tear
You’re a little warped, friend
Though I do hold you dear.

Why don’t you take a hard look
At the crazy world around
It’s not all just fun and games
Calamities do abound!

You’ll one day feel the real tears
And your gut will twist with pain
If you think this is too much
Could it be that you’re insane?

So, yes, I can do breezy
And, yes, I can keep it light
But it’ll be me you look for
When you’re crying in the night!