Written by: Ikenna Igwe


Sitting, relaxed, atop the cool grass-filled rock,

Jutting out proudly over the calm blue ocean,

I stared in stoned-wonder; held captive 

By the magnificent rising of the yellow sun, 

Ascending, gracefully, across the serene horizon,

And ushering in the bright and long awaited new world;

A world, free from the shackles of religion,

Unheld by the chains of ethnicity;

Devoid of the differences in colour.

A world wrapped up in the warm covers of peace;

Overshadowed by the immutable display of inestimable love.

A world tongue-deep in sincere equality;

Lacking the Political, Social, and Economic segregations;

Where none is poor or hungry; a violence-free

Community – where morality stands overall; scoring 

On all points; in all ramifications.

I see a world where there are no foes – but friends;

Where the Lions lie closely with the Lambs – 

Sharing, caring; and rapturously cherishing one another;

A world where the natural unites with the 

Supernatural to form a universal positive whole – 

Stamped with truth and justice.

This new world, which I speak of, begins with you!

(c) Ikenna.C.Igwe