The Race Of Life

Written by: Tahera Mannan

We worked in and worked out
She knelt down in silent prayer
Our bodies shaped without doubt
Unable to see the pain so rare

We danced and we sang songs
She gave the best of herself to all
We watched her smile a mile long
Unable to see the fear lurking on the wall

And as we soared and ate gala feast
She kept a vigil by the window sill
The disease ate her like a starved beast
Alone she took the chemo, the pain and the pill

We fought and watched each other’s back
She went thru some searing days
The angels watched her every track
They were with her all the way

Sad and disturbed and neglected we felt
She showed miracles with a smiling face
With strength and hope and confidence
She ran ahead of us in this life’s race

Dedicated to the most wonderful woman I’ve ever known, my spiritual mother, (AM), who had breast cancer and she survived and is well.

By Tahera Mannan