Wanderlust And Faerie' Duste'

Written by: anne p. murray

Once upon a time in the magikal' land of faeries'...
Buried deep in the forests of Ireland
There’s a mysterious magik' called faerie' duste'
Hidden in the greenery oh so grande'

It flows thru' gentle winds amongst billowing gusts
Faeries' spread their magik' while children slumber
Flying thru' the nite' with light from a gilded moon
Soaring quietly thru' air in tiny numbers 
Like glittering fireflies in the month of June 

Carefully hidden along hallowed grounde'
Watch very carefully you might catch a glimpse
Of tiny faerie villages buried in magik' groundes'
Nymphs with Gossamer wings and small footprints 
Magik' faerie' duste' makes a musical tinkling sound

They tip-toe silently thru the wooded greene'
Taking a pinch of faerie' dust and sprinkling it around 
If you listen carefully you can hear them sing
Be watchful as you walk thru the forest's wooded glen
A tiny impish faerie' might sprinkle you with duste'...
And become your very best friend 

You'll live happily everafter, there's never an end
Everything there is to be seen is hidden in the heart of magik'

by anne p murray ~2011