Hell's Prison

Written by: Carma Reed

Her eye's are prosecuted to 
see, A darkened soul, now 
lingers, into anger and rage, 
against, this machined body, 
that exhausts my mind, with no 
way to return, It's existence, 
has been, captivated and 
buried, deep beneath, The 
floors, of burning tar, I cry 
hopelessly down, A rivered 
waterfall where they seep in A 
black hole wash, knowing that 
her reality, of it all has become 
her reaper, as she SNAPPS, 
back through to the hot seat, 
that roars inside her, The battle 
continues to race, these walls, I 
burn, in determination to 
heavens gate, Ashes-to-
ashes;Dust-to-dust, I'm asking 
my ALMIGHTY'S forgiveness, to 
let me come home, cause 
there's NO ICE-WATER here, at 
HELL'S PRISON, for I am 
thirsty....To love again, as 
GOD'S apostle.......