One Fell Alone

Written by: Carl Fraser

Forword: Written after a 15 yr. old girl took her own life
at my sons school, no note, nothing to explain her pain. 

Just a child from what I hear,
like others was forced to grow up too fast;
Broken hearted rejected and alone,
unable to find one last straw to grasp.

Where were all those caring hearts,
in her desparate time of need;
Not even a close friend nearby,
to listen to her final plea.

Now we all mourn much too late,
for another soul not cherished or adored;
Maybe the gift of our time to save a child,
is something we all could afford.

So we wonder now what God's intentions were,
when this unwanted child came to be;
Perhaps we all had a part to shape her,
into what God could only see.

It takes deep love and committment,
to be humble and serve anothers needs;
It is the reason we were all created,
and why he died for you and me.