The Stand

Written by: Patrick Cornwall

Stands  up when He whispers in your ear

Falling down year after tear

Waiting in line till it's your turn

Being shown the door and the shade burns

He rides you and the whip flails

The widow waits each month for the check in the mail

The whisper remembers as the tree sheds each Fall

Will he see his shadow, will he see what he saw

Stands alone does the spring crocus 

She waits for the Sun

And Mother spins and spins

She waits as the Robin for the peck of her egg

Dying as the bullet shreds his memory of the flag

Stands for the widow as his breath sags

The politician wears full armor as he speaks at the mic

Stand up ,vote and the reward helps to see the light

And the years go by and the body starts to lean

The wrinkles round the bend and pick up steam

To stand tall when all say you're wrong

The last bar closes with the last song

The  rose is killed as she stands

Trash strewn and the wind

The Sun goes dark and a single tear

And He whispers goodnight