Written by: Terry O'Leary

’Tween hither and thither we wended our way Skipping, dancing through sand dunes, in seascape croquet. While woven in waves watching dolphins at play I tasted her lips in an ocean’s wild spray We gamboled and gambled, two waifs led astray, With shackles afire and anchors aweigh – Rising higher and higher, the sun lured our sleigh, Teasing time was our temptress, night’n day after day Mystic moon beams, suffusing clouds’ shimmering sails, Unleashed us and whisked us through sensuous vales, Inciting the songs of my sweet nightingale While passing our passions through visions unveiled Being spectres of splendour in wanton sashay We mastered our meaning in love’s matinee – The breezes, abating, heard flowers betray “Two bodies embracing – youth’s blooming bouquet” With the wind as our wings, till the Never we flew On junkets, two gypsies, through dusk’s residue, Eluding pearled teardrops that paint the day blue, Gently floating like pollen to everywhere new Having stars in our eyes and all time as our view, We’ve drifted, two dreamers, where sprites rendezvous, And feasted on laughter and sipped morning dew And rambled forever as one made of two