Purple Politics

Written by: Dustin Self

It would be nice to hear something true,
And not just show up and choose red or blue.
Our country is crumbling and uncle sam's gone broke.
Politicians are pathetic and their debates are a joke.

When both men are lying while they shake hands.
Then who do you choose to lead this great land?
Our children are starving and can't make it much longer!
Then politicians send billions to make enemies stronger.

Gay or straight and black or white.
Must choose your own kind for things to be right.
I say that's crap and another great lie.
From career politicians who cheat 'til they die.

All of our leaders should bow down in shame.
For making our nations future a political game.
It's all about money and exploiting our fear.
One hand in your pocket as they lie in your ear.

We must come together and stand tall as one,
and not choose a color and hope that we won.
Politicians have made us choose just one side.
That's how you conquer, just simply divide.

The nation is struggling and needs something new.
Give us more choices and not red or blue.

Dustin Self (democrat vs republican contest)