The Face of the Earth

Written by: Kyle kriticos

Am I the only one who doesn't care it's raining 
That it's cold outside and no one's on the street 
When the wind is blowing a hundred miles an hour 
And the earth decides to shake its fist at me  

When the elements electrocute my senses 
And lightning carves the sky with angry streaks 
When flying branches shatter picket fences 
And thunder gives an awe inspiring speech 

When the water that surrounds me churns and vomits 
And the shoreline has no choice but to retreat 
Not a morsel of my soul is craving shelter
I choke on rain and plant my stubborn feet 

This is the fragile life that we inherit 
These are the numbered days that mark my place
The earth can be so damn intimidating 
But I'm happy any time it shows its face