Hommie, Lover, Friend

Written by: kimberly andreasen

Homey, Lover, Friend

Every night I sit and wait
My heart jumps from the
Sounds made from the gate
When opened from across the street.

Any moment I’ll hear a knock 
And his voice coming through
But the knock never comes,
What can I do?
Wait like an ass for 
another hour or two.

Knowing nothings is going to happen,
Though I so wish it would and want it to.
Disappointed, I decide to go in.
It is cold and my hands, much like my
heart are turning blue.

Consoling myself saying: “It’s okay”!
Maybe he had something important he had to do.
What’s new?
Weren’t you the one who started this?
Now you act like you never wanted it.
Like I was the one propositioning you.

I thought we were friends
Or at least I was to you
Now I’m not sure what I was then
Or am now to you…

You hardly say two words to me now
I don’t understand, and I have no clue
Am I invisible to you?
You look at me like I am not even there,
I could cry haven given that part of me to you.

While incarcerated I did everything I could do
Not cause you asked, because I wanted to.
I was the one who was there for you. 
Your so called homeboys should’ve been 
But forgot about you   

I wanted to be your friend and still do
I realize that won’t ever happen no matter
How hard I try and want for you too.

So much has changed, you’ve changed
And I am so proud and happy for you.
We were both high on dope when we did 
What we used to do.
It’s no excuse, I know…
Just something that happened and that
Can never happen again, even if I really
Want it too, because I do.
Fair well,
 Hommey, lover, friend.