The Poetic Script

Written by: Travis Lone Hill

A life in words wrapped in truth hidden from lies underground speaking so silent across the waves making them ever so loud.
 A life abused until the body is damged far deep into the soul looking for redemption in a world of numbers and codes lost somewhere on this crazy road.
 I see what life is and what it aint but moreso at what it outta be, so I look hard for something different for yet another lost soul on the stop waiting to monopolize and collect $200 past go.
 So I look at my life story and how I live so I write it in words of laughter but mostly hurt.
 So I write words out my mouth until I spit for truth I dont quit for *****in a world of *****pits among the strong who survive with mind wits I write until I shake hands with fist given vulgar lips living life is like living a trip so with these words I cant miss leaving everything I live on the list because every second we live is another second added to my entire life poetic script....