A Living Novel

Written by: CeAsia White

I am a walking novel
So many characters in one
So many chapters to unravel
My life has already been written and now I'm acting it out
The truth is I remember the beginning since I already experienced it but I haven't experienced the ending
So only time will tell when my life story or novel is ending
During my story there is so much money spending
So many friendships and love relationships ending
So many joys and so many pains
So many rainy, sunny, snowy and cloudy days
My favorite part and I hope it's there
Marriage but I hope death isn't near
It's something I hate and it's something I fear
Let me change the subject before my eyes become full with tears
I wonder about children but I already have one
Will I have more?
A big family will be fun.
I've had a few jobs but I really want one
One career for security and I need more money for fun
Fun with my lover and fun with my son
I really want to know will I ever have a husband