We Used To Be

Written by: kimberly andreasen

"We Used To Be"

I feel empty, I feel lost, I miss you, I miss us
Whatever that is, or isn't supposed to be
I don't care, I'd give anything to erase this pain, 
and go back to where we used to be.
Before she showed up
and took everything away from me
because where I'm at now, 
isn't where I 'm supposed to be
I want to be with you,
the way we used to be
before these tears started falling,
erasing smiles you gave to me
Does it mean nothing to you
knowing that it's hurting me.
I'd walk a thousand miles for you 
and you won't even talk to me
like I did something to you
when it was something done to me
time is now my only friend
so I wait patiently, eventually telling me
where Im at now is better than
were we used to be...indefinetly!