Our Little Log Cabin

Written by: Lizzie Treetop

Oh for a little log cabin, to share, deep in the woods
A place of simplicity, where we can live together as one
A little piece of heaven your backwoods miracle
Not separate not joined just by, computer screen
But together in unison two children in the woods
No longer needing trappings of great riches or gold
Just to be as one surrounded by nature in the woods
A simple log cabin, darling how magical the thought
A comfy chair, bed to sleep, by our warm lit fireside
As well as wireless internet, so now part of our lives
Combined with some things that never ever change
Companionship, friendship, respect and abiding love
True simplicity of life, combined with modern world
Yet so much of life trappings no longer do I need
As I enter your world and share so many things
Your dreams and mine together forever planting seeds
As I view a new world through your imaginative mind
A world of moonlit darkness, light, despair and tenderness
Oh my love, this heart sings so enriched with gratitude
Such overwhelming love like a spring bursting forth
Gone emptiness, embraced a new exciting meaning to life
Give me your hand, trust me I promise to never let go
Come share our log cabin, come share your life with me.