Abused Heart

Written by: Joyce Johnson

It would be so very nice if hearts, 
Were made of stronger stuff.
And could come back as good as new,
When they’ve been treated rough.

For many years, my heart was mine,
No others called it theirs.
The first time that I let it roam,
It came back for repairs.

I lent my only heart to him,
Expecting it would be,
As cared for and as cherished,
As it had been with me.

Last night he gave my bruised heart back,
So much the worse for wear.
No apology for breaking it,
No offer to repair.

My heart is back where it belongs,
To rest and heal and mend.
If someone asks to borrow now,
I’ll be too wise to lend.

No one shall have my heart again,
Until this fact he learns.
I’ve marked it as “Sale final,
Absolutely no returns.”

By: Joyce Johnson.