You Tell Me

Written by: Bryanna Williams

What does it feel like to be in love?

Does it soothe-like a soft mist dusting your neck,
cooling your shoulders,
relaxing your tensions?

Does it seize-like an unrelenting grasp over your being,
your smiles and your tears,
your common sense and your emotions?

Does it excite-starting at your toes and rising to your chest,
then your throat where it holds the truth,
until it can't help but let it out?

Does it confuse-Am I supposed to feel this way?
Does he feel this way? Why does he lead me on?
What is it in those eyes that makes me so flustered?

You tell me.

Does every smile, every glance, every chance meeting,
feel like a promise to love you back?
Not because that's what you really think,
but because it's the way you need to think
to keep the hope of a fairy-tail romance from fading?

Does every conversation
linger for day?
Every frame
clear but unreal
in every day-dreamy rerun?

You tell me.

Does he consume your mind
day to long-awaited day
until everything has lost its original luster
when he isn't around
to charm the scene?

Does every playful poke
make you float above cloud nine
like you're rising but staying still?

Does every friendly hug
force the corners of your mouth up,
up into a stupid grin?

Why do my knees become uselessly weak
with every meaningless touch-or even when he walks within twenty feet
of my 'personal space'?

You tell me.

Does it always feel like more than just a crush
or a silly infatuation
when he talks to you
just like you would imagine a soul mate would
and laughs at your jokes?
“If it feels like love, then isn't it love?”

You tell me.

Because what do I know?
I'm only a kid, right?
Heck, I've only been in love once or twice.
Finally a word from the not so wise:
“If you see an opportunity at love,
you better take it!”
I made the mistake of pushing him away.
I still haven't forgiven myself.
One day soon, I will find my Mr. Right.