If Only

Written by: Khaleel Graham

If only there was a light that would brighten my day
A light to guide me when things aren’t going my way
If only there was something to illuminate my path
To cure my depression, to calm my wrath

If only there was a rock that would help me defend
To build up my strength, sturdy until the end
If only there was a stone that would stay strong when I’m weak
To raise my spirits, whose support I could seek

If only there were roots that would anchor my tree
Gather new nutrients, help bare new leaves
If only there were a stem that would hold my seeds
Support the blooming flowers, and keep away the weeds

If only there was a woman to love my head to my feet
But a woman like that, I have yet to meet
“If” shouldn’t bring your hopes up, I should say
Because we would never stop living if “If” was a day