Written by: Owen Yeates

Hi my name is Harriet I’m a Leicester old spot pig
I’ve been well looked after now I’m getting rather big
This morning I was transported to a place that smelt of death
It burned my throat as I took in each dreadful breath

In the stall next to me is Herefordshire bull named Jim
He slightly concerned about what’s to happen to him
Just across the aisle there’s a Swale dale name of Sue
She’s got herself into a tizz not knowing what to do

They say this is an abattoir well tell me what is that
Perhaps it is a place where animals go to lose some fat
Then I over hear a conversation as two workers pass by
One said to the other that pig should have stayed in her sty

The workmen further talked as they threw us food with force 
They said Sue would be lovely with a touch of the mint sauce
They said that Jim’s sirloin would be great medium rare
As for the pig they said the bacon would be more than fair

They said there would be sausages both of beef and pork
I’m surprised they never both produced a knife and fork
Sue and Jim were worried they thought they’d had there lot
So it was up to me to try and foil the human plot

Being a smart piggy I opened up my cage 
Chased away the men, fled at them in a rage
Released Jim and Sue and jumped into an empty truck
If you think you’re eating mutton, beef or bacon, then you’re just out of luck

When we got away from there we landed on our feet
The place that we arrived was a sanctuary sweet
Now we all live out our days in peace in Shangri la
Every day from Jim and Sue I get a big hoorah