Distorted Sunrise

Written by: Sandra Adams

she knew that road well
traveled it many times
in the past
that was the past
but when asked
she said "i do"
although she knew
knew it too well.

he knew too
probably more so than her
of troubled times
and sleepless nights
until the doors 
slammed him awake
time and time again.

he took a new step
a different path
she followed him
down the narrow aisle
and when asked
said "i do"

the moon, almost full term
stalked the sky
and poisoned his mind
until the night air
became thick, and muffled with screams
as it coughed up two lives
and painted an unborn sun
on a makeshift horizon
of asphalt and gravel
in a quiet town
that cries itself to sleep
down a road
it never knew existed.

she knew
and when asked 
said "i do"
until death
do us part.

the doors
slammed him awake
time and time again
he knew that road
got sidetracked
now found his way back
but he knew
hell would be a lonely place
when the door
slammed him awake.

he walked it anyway
to the beat 
of steel and asphalt
mingling with
stolen beads of sweat
from a crimson rise
that will never come
through lifeless eyes

or a door
that slams him awake
time and time again.

(about a convict that was released in a halfway house in the town i lived in...a quiet town...he remarried his wife...days later, he took her life and her daughters as people walked the streets....)