Rosie Cheeks

Written by: Karen Deeks

When did the children stop embracing
The wind in their hair
Downhill racing, bright orange skies
With no due care
When did they all go home and scrub up their smiles
No longer free spirits to roam
With hours to while
Away with friends down by the railway track
Find a new hiding spot
Sharing cheap wrappered snacks
Whispering secrets
And a fight for their space 
What happened to good ole fashion dirt
Smeared as a memoir, now
By sterile little ones
Squashed within dry stone walls
Electrical wizardry
Beats, muddied deflated balls
Why did the children decide now
To stay at home
No longer free spirits
Til dusk out to roam
No longer bicycles skipping ropes
And girls chewing gum
High heels on tiny feet
Impersonating mum
No longer unkempt hair pursing their friends
No longer blood brothers
Promised to the end
Poor little ones gaze at a two dimensional spot
Wish they'de step outside
Rosie cheeks the vision that time forgot