too sad to reflect

Written by: Seren Roberts

I walk by the shore
With my heart in my hand
Trying to find myself
As I kick at the sand.

Why am I so lost?
Now you have gone
We were so young
Now I am alone

I look in the rock pool
For the reflections that I see
I am sure I can see you
Standing behind me

I reflect all the good times
We were both young at heart
So many promises
We made at the start

When we were at college
We met in the breaks
Rush home to see you again
Hoping you’ll wait.

I reflect on the sad times
When cancer was found
You left me alone Ian
I left you in the ground.

I look into the mirror
Hoping your there
Standing behind me
Stroking my hair

My eyes don’t reflect
They have died inside
No hope shows  in them
From the day that you died.