Shadows of Betrayal

Written by: Justin Debrosse

Explosions, torque, the unspeakable
Magnetic force of your weathering
Pulling in through our sweetened bell
Grieved as yet undelivered

Is it foolish, piling dreams upon dreams
And lying among skulls past their due

While refashioning the latest grab
Unprincipled and colloquial 
Simply juiced by the lack of you

I still think of you, coming close
So close that we lift
Out beyond graves and gravel

I know I'm losing you
The toothless ascendance of choice
And you're distracted
From comprehening our story in piece

Does delusion spill so grandiose
I'm flying mermaids from coast to coast
Get back in this game
Full born and bright

Following the future
Out of love's dastardly grip
But I cannot shake the mist
Your shadow has me eclipsed