Untitled Lust

Written by: Vincent Rossi

My hands fall gently over her desirable curves as I pull her close to me. 
Smooth, shirtless bodies pressed together, push back and forth into the other with each tantalizing breath that's taken. 
Her lips draw near and I can't help but lose myself. 
My mind shuts down, warm, fuzzy, buzzing with hopeful anticipation. My nervousness has complete control, as my body is gripped with this excited frenzy of fear and love. 
Her moist lips connect to mine like sticking a finger in a light socket. 
My heart is on fire. 
I'm on my knees in front of her, begging for her love, her body, her lips, her touch, her mind and her soul..I pull a knife and hand her my world, my heart on a platter...
(figuratively speaking) 

*an explosion of blinding light* 

rips my gripped fingers from her body and sends me hurling backwards, sideways...up? Or down? 
I have no idea. I'm falling from her. 
I scream but it seems to only echo in my mind..... 

I slowly fall to the ground and awaken in my bed to the early morning sun sneaking through my window.