Far and gone

Written by: Sneha Agarwal

A pencil to write my own little story
An eraser to rub out the bad patches
Sketch the tits bits with love and care
Far and gone with my own lone soul
Live for myself each every moment
No complaints or regrets to cherish
Peace to embrace with a self talk
Expectations zeroed in each walk
Breathe my vibes, listen to soul
Ignorance no longer lingers heart
Silence does a better chit chat
Answers clear to unasked queries
Faith holds tight life’s history
No reasons, no explanations
Far and gone like never before
Walking miles without being told
Hand in hand company to soul
Self realizes the worth untold
Purity fills the misty open space
Free like a bird moving ahead
Far and gone…with no one
But self…to learn the significant
Of loving oneself first.