Glaring Hope

Written by: Titiksha Singhal

I wake up from my sleep, and still it is dark
I looked around, but its silence that only bark
The world seems to stop, being somewhere lost
I pinched me hard, to end the nightmare
But the wound prevailed in my skin so bare.
I walked out and saw the stars fading
I found moon, behind the clouds, hiding
I waited waited, but there seem no end
Of the stillness, for the movement ahead.
The time is too busy to bring any transition
The height, it seems, has lost its culmination
The road, perhaps, is looking for the destiny
The future might be, searching for some testimony.

I here, stand all by my own
No one to be seen, nowhere to go
Hoping for the world to move ahead
Praying to the present to be once more glad;
To erase the dark, and move into a new light
To retrieve itself, and let the birds sing happily
But my prayers remain unanswered
Everything everywhere seems cadaverous.
Everything is quenched, save one thing
The hope that glows in my heart so deep.