Clouds Of Darkness

Written by: Shelton Brown

Constricted thoughts,
Mind clouded in smoke.
In this cloud I see wonders and tragedies of the world,
It tells stories, all the while it was meant for me to escape the reality of it all.

Wrap yourself in the cloak,
Forget this world, watch as hearts curl.
Long ago I stopped seeking out life's pearls.
Depression holds its grip, 
I am captain of this sinking ship.

We've smoked our lungs black,
Time is tick, tick, ticking.
Ambiguity is inevitably the key to our destruction,
We grovel before the feet of corruption.
Inhale the problem, exhale solution,
Our world has entered a state of manic depressive delusions.

This turmoil is unending,
Whirling, twirling, swirling.
Our pain is universal,
This economic asthma attack comes hand-in-hand with a cancerous cyst, 
Making our dreams hopelessly skew off track.

I was just doing as I am taught,
Inhale slow, forget the lies we bought,
Give up, this cancer will diminish us until our bones crack,
The potential for a promised land will never come back,
Our future is looking ominous, unforgiving, black.