In My Mind You Never Fade

Written by: Juniper Lock

Like an old photograph with wrinkled edges 
my mind returns to the times that are etched, 
So vividly they flash through my mind's screen, 
times that I cherish when our love set us free. 

I wish so much the bad words I could take and throw away, 
for every second that we have we should be so amazed. 
our love is a gift we were given to hold tight, 
I am sorry when I've made things worse and chosen to fight. 

This photograph of us deserves my care, 
In my mind I feel you are aware. 
I have no excuse for tears and pain, 
I felt it too is all that I can say. 

It seems a joke on us at times to steal the sweet embrace 
the kisses and the glances that haunt me every day. 
Why can't I tell you what losing you did to me 
It only seems to make you feel not worthy. 

But please know I realize how I let you slip, 
through my fingers with my jealous trips. 
I could kick myself and believe me I have so much, 
Do you know the pain of realizing I lost true love? 

Maybe this is what you don't see, 
you think I blame you and you only, 
No I don't it's just it was a shock for me. 
I cried and cried for hours, days and weeks. 

I cannot lie to you my love my heart and soul, 
the day you disappeared carved a place that won't let go. 
But it is not your fault you had the right to leave, 
I needed to wake up and see my life and faults before me. 

It doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt, 
I may never get relief from the scars that lurk. 
I don't blame you not at all please understand 
I hate myself for letting passion make me mad. 
I hurt from self inflicted wounds that stare me down. 
I put them there and still my peace just can't be found. 
My mind it plays that screen and looks at that photo 
I stare and stare but I can't make my foolish actions not show. 

So you see it isn't your fault at all, 
you handled it like you knew to have resolve, 
of course I throw the blame at times when my heart bleeds 
the stains are those that I flung so wild and free. 

I cannot tell you what the pain is like, 
to know you had the one and only in your life. 
I play the moment that will never stop in my mind. 
the day I lost your love is stuck on rewind. 

I hear the ghostly words you did this to yourself, 
they've played so many times the words now even yell. 
I cannot escape them because I know what price was paid. 
My mind, my soul, my heart, my lips will never be the same. 
The day our love got tossed and thrown so foolishly away.