joyous smiles

Written by: timilehin obisakin

Ur smiles are like waoh,
I can really shout loud,
Mere gazing I just can't help it,
I see the truth in ur smiles,
I see U I'm satisfied.

Feeling alrite seeing you 4rm afar,
Shhh it make me fly nd high,
Elevated like an arranged brick,
You what I see wen I see,
The mirror I see 2rugh.

U re all ve being 2rugh,
The words of my  heart come 2rugh,
U re one of my  dreams come 2rugh,
D break2rugh I ve being 2rugh.

The lens of my eyeglass,
The stars of my stars,
D soft part of my heart,
All this in. Ur smile,
Awesomely awesome smile.
Of urs. I luv them all.