Goodbye to the center table

Written by: Jasmine Brown

As we sit at the center table, we hash out all our feelings and transgressions,
We sit in distraught as we sit in one another’s presence.
We fight back the tears as we try to let others in on our failed relationship,
 Although no one will ever understand the lovable and detested kisses we felt between our lips.
Not knowing when we will feel the first day passion again.
Not knowing that my feelings will conclude once you realize that you hate my best friends.
Who were they to intertwine in our liaison?
Before you met them I thought we had an indestructible bond.
I never will blame them for our misfortunes
Because between us we had our on misinterpretations.
So as we sit at the center table, I now have a back bone
Against you I sit here not alone.
Feeling as happy as I can possibly feel
A bond that cannot be broken by a “hi” from a friend which for me he will kill.
So friends can we be?
I think not because if I say yes, then that will not be me.
Our time ran dry,
Between all my absent thoughts and your single foremost lie,
We used all our freebies up.
For that reason, I finally have had enough,
I can now get up from this center table and say my goodbye
And honestly not cry. 
For you center table have brought out the truth by being sly.

JazzieAnn Brown   10/17/12