Watched but untouched

Written by: Leonard Taormina

I figure it’s all about distances in the road.
Most of what there was of my road is now behind me;
And I seem compelled to view every twist or turn;
But you perhaps might be a bit more reckless about where you tread.
I know originally I tried to help you battle those personal demons of yours;
Apparently I fell short and I see now I was never really qualified.
Okay I’ll admit it I can’t take it anymore.
I mean truly how much more stick glue
Would it take to hold together something previously shattered?
You say you believe and maybe you do but me;
I don’t have the luxury for that kind of carelessness anymore.
Whatever happens I’ll always be asking God to look out for both of us.
That’s about all I can do anymore without jeopardizing my journey.
So like the old dog you left in the back yard that even so still loves you;
I’ll ask God every day to do for you what I couldn’t—touch you.