Written by: Cyndi MacMillan

I wept an ocean, so you brought me pearls, 
A long strand to dress my d├ęcolletage, 
Around my maiden heart warm gems did curl,
Guarding my gown, encircling my corsage...
Such unlikely poses of chaperonage.

Longing had withered so gardens you greened,
Wild went the roses, climbing stony walls,
Peonies blushed but on iron gates leaned,
Honeysuckle clung tight as bluebells sprawled
and even lilies let their petals fall.

The silence that kept me, now softly croons
for you are a verse that plays within me,
Heard in the sigh of sun and moan of moon,
Echoed in your sweet gifts from earth and sea, 
and the desire I seal in poetry. 

Written Oct 20, 2012