The Swan

Written by: Lorraine Ferns

Stretch downnnn!
Swing uppp!
And again-you’re meant to be a swan
Turn, pivot, again!

                             I don’t feel like a swan
                             I never get it right
                             for all I try
                             I never get it right

No! No! Do it again,
Come on Jessica
Stretch your toes, arch!

                              I wish I was a real swan
                              floating on the river
                              not a care
                              the world just drifting on

Twirl! Twirl
Stretch uppp!
You’re supposed to be

                               the whiteness of her feathers
                               the graceful elegance
                               so different, so unique
                               her beautiful neck cradled

Stretch again! Again
Pivot! Twirl!
Jessica.. more!
I want more!

                               even though she doesn’t fly
                               I could! I could believe
                               even just for a moment
                               become like her, and
                               fly to another place.