Under the surface

Written by: Sean Trott

At the end of sanity I stand here misunderstood
Wondering if my life will improve or if I should
Let my inner feelings and fear come true
It is hard to fight anymore I don’t know what to do
I am beaten, battered, tired and worn
All hope and faith seems so far gone
Sutures close wounds and leave scars in their place
The damage is taking a toll on my face
I appear afraid yet I am not scared
I refuse to give up because no one cared
I gather my thoughts placing my hands on my head 
I feel hopeless whether alive or dead
As if I had a chance coming from a broken home
Left with only the streets and a coin for the phone
But I have no one to call no one who cares
There is no one who will wipe away my tears
Who will understand if I end my journey today?
Will they realize it was not cowardly and I had no way?
To recover from the damage of the first part of my life
I ask myself these questions as I search for a knife
I find a blade quite shiny, spotless and clear
And in the reflection I see me standing there
What a sad soul he just needed some love
 Someone to look beyond his shell and go above
The end is here I begin to slice
Why was I placed on earth to live this life?
Here goes nothing its my time go
Pay attention to your loved ones because you never know