Fade Into Oblivion

Written by: Maddie Knickel

Fade into Oblivion

Moisture taken capive
Sensation of precipitation, lost and forgotten
Vivid sunlight filling dark crevices
Dry heat blurs the horizon
The wind, no longer traveling
Reticence materlizes
All is still

Stagnant she stands
Braided amber tresses
Her calaced hands, adjusting plaid sleeves, brushing ripped jeans
Flawless complexion, flooded with freckles, beaded with sweat
Golden eyelashes dance upon silky pink cheeks
Hazel eyes drift
Perimeter remains serene

Her sweet voice, humming soft tunes
Selfless, she becomes
One with the land, one with the heat, one with the world
Her mind looses track
Time passes

Parched canvas cracks beneath leather boots
A figure approaching- a boy
Dark jeans 
Thin white cloth conceals his chest
Rich brown curls cover his ears
Electric blue eyes skitter over the dessert floor he walks upon
Right hand ascends, an attempt to greet  with a softened warm grin

Soon upon her
He caresses her smooth arms
Ascending to her shoulders
Brushing her neck
Gentle lips merge
Her mind races
Their surroundings blur
They fade into oblivion