The Lad And His Candy

Written by: Leonora Galinta

Here comes a good  lad 
with his gentle and pure heart
who loves to eat a cotton candy
with no color but only pure white.

When he attempted  to take a bite  
His candy suddenly  flew up into the sky
Amazingly, it transformed  into cumulus clouds
The lad suddenly became an angel
So he flew and followed it up so high.

The angel and clouds are so white
They’re both trying  to make the world so bright
So with our hearts and minds
Purity and cleanliness must reign in our lives.

Oct. 15,2012.   9:30 PM 

          ((This is not for the contest)). I wrote this short poem  at the hotel  during the  camp for the 3 kids/boys who stayed with me in my room and fidgeted a lot . It had somehow calmed them down especially the most restless one, Term. I will change the title later because it's a short story.