Written by: kasim ishmael

I see the place she use to be
But she’s no longer there
Now it’s just a dark lonely room
With an empty chair

What happen to make her go?
Why did she go away?
She seems alright to all
But she’s not here today

She did not show a sign
That anything was wrong
Yesterday she was so happy
Shearing her favorite songs

I really miss her a lot
With her black hair
She was born in small town
In the south of India

Her parents name her sapna
When translate means dreams
She was just the perfect child
I guess she was bless it seems

She Become a medical student
So she can help the poor
She’s like the angel 
That we all hope for

She likes plays basketball
And she makes me smile
She’s good in badminton
And she’s sometimes wild

Everymorning I awake in my bed
I think of my best friend sapna
And though we live different cities
We are never very far

Everyday I ask what she eat
She would smile and say roti
Then I told about my cousin teddy
Who loves roti dipped in tea?

But She just leave and 
Now there is just an empty chair
And my heart brakes every time
When I don’t see her there

Why she leaves I will never know
And hope one day to see her again
Maybe In a hospital somewhere
Easing some poor person pain

And as long as the sunshine’s
And water flows to the streams
I will think of my friend sapna
When translates means dreams