Written by: Sekitto kisakye

The more you invest in love,
the more valuable it becomes, 
where there's love,
nothing goes wrong.

The truth in love,
requires joy,
although it's hard,
to keep it for long.

A sound marriage in love,
it's not a word,
but faith and action.

The cure for love,
it's marriage,
but not money as others hope.

Getting marriage for sex,
it's something special
like buying a fresh sweet cake.

Keeping love forever,
it needs  to open your eyes,
patience and  trust
for  whom you love.

A successful  love for all,
stick on one heart,
and made in Heaven!

Oh, Oh ,Oh!
Love is funny,
full of hills and stones.

But again are thunder,
tornados and hail,
as the wise men say.