Orbiting Monet

Written by: Anthony Slausen

Her heart was a watercolor foyer
  drifting about eddies-beneath fatal falls
     wishing away the violets,
       morning roses and midnight glories
    fading mist-stained with every beat
  her loves inheriting the aromas
percolating from her water garden mind...

 those who thought they knew her,
   stood high upon crystal browed shores
       slinging burning stones and bits of bone,
        summed up her life in bold font quips...
     she was that-she was this
  green viper bitten -black moon kissed...
        as her final pallet faded
            blackbirds escaped her brilliant vein
               time greedily sweeps the sheen to gray...
            the cleated ones- scattering her starry soul
       into the misty orbit of monet...