Written by: dakarai cobb

How could I ever forget/ The pain that I could never forfeit/ 
Force it out, before the drought won't let me pour it/ Out of 
the heart on my sleeve, wishing I never wore it/ Wishing I 
could never whore it out to the wrong ones/ Selecting 
celibate sensibilities, like nuns/ Baptizing their hearts for 
fun, as the faucet runs,/ Guarding it with hard looks and 
plenty of guns/ Plenty of puns stun eyes, surprised by the 
truth/ Words heard to explain the pain that sharpened my 
tooth/ Survival of the fit, who gets to suffer in his youth/ 
Superman in a cell, instead of a phone booth/ From 
beginning to end, January through December,/ I can not 
forget what I am forced to remember,/ Bent in ev'ry 
direction, trying to be limber,/ Walking through hell, 
stepping over the embers...