Wrongfully Imprisoned

Written by: Maria Paz Samelo

We went to prison a year ago
Many prisoners everywhere I saw
I met a man but I don’t know who
One friend introduced me to him

His case is attempted rape 
In a faraway place he is not safe
Coz’ nobody believed in his story
Language barrier he feels so sorry

The police sensationalized the case
The parents want him to be in life sentence
Even with valid and strong evidences
Wants 3 million for their daughters sake

The witnesses explained the incidents neatly
The family of the accused prayed hopefully
It said nothing to be afraid nothing to worry
But after 3 months the court said he is guilty

It’s like a bomb the hits him on that day
Ask where is GOD to protect him anyway?
His heart, his emotions is in deep misery
He looked around to the court and cried wearily

This is what happens if you are not in your country
Nobody to defend you even you beg on the Jury
Many cases like this everywhere and around the world
They are the victims and wrongfully imprisoned 

October 18, 2012