Pain is love

Written by: Cecil Sydney Hurt

It starts with a smile 
At least for a while
Then blindness appears but you 
see everything .. 

acknowledgment is affected 
But you feel alive 
Is this real is this fact u then 

Come run in my arms lets feel 
Your every word starts felling 
so nice 

Don't give me your body don't 
give me your soul 
Just give me your smile 
Just give me it all 

U looked at another that tore 
me in two
But with blindness my hearing 
went too..

It happened  again I should 
have been four 
But pain is the game let chess 
take the shame ..

A year had made me 20 years 
older no hair on my head 
More weight on my shoulder

I cried and cried 
much amount .. 
She made me go blind for my 
bank account