What's On Your Mind Today

Written by: Annie Lander

What’s on your mind today:   Do Tell? #2

Binders full of women; where? what is the price? 
Governor that is so nice 
Was it the pioneer women? "No
It's the  women from Massachusetts

Not the pioneer women
 who feed the hogs?
Attend to the children 
And fed the chickens

 But the modern women who attend
 Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Cornell
Prestige Colleges and Universities 
A binder full of  educated women

Mr.R you would have been better off saying
 I am going to give a voice to all women 
Whose experiences might otherwise have been overlooked?
 My Administration new passed word  from now on is  going 

   to be"Ladies First"

Pulled up your bumper babies
Vote for me.